We opened in 1998 and have grown each year with visitors from all 50 states and many visitors from out of the country. From nursing home patients to small children, eyes light up with happiness while seeing the lights and animation and hearing the music. Is it overwhelming for some, they are just speechless!

Lights have been purchased from all over the United States and from other countries. All the wood cut outs and the majority of the metal art were designed and constructed on the park grounds.

Each year, many of our visitors share their experiences with us. The Lufkin State School for the Deaf could not hear the music at each scene, but the driver said the smiles on their faces tell the story. A woman came through that had lost a loved one and said the park rekindled her Christmas spirit! Also, a woman got out of the back of a truck to give us a hug and told us “thank you” for creating the park. We had a truck driver going back home and parked his truck and walked through the park. The most recent request was a man asking to get married at the park. A humorous surprise was when a man on a horse and his 3 legged dogs came through the park. A man driving a Model T made 5 attempts to get the car up the hill, because of the steep grades. We cherish the relationships that we make each year and look forward to hearing the excitement and seeing the happiness and smiles on everyone’s face when they visit. We also like to hear from the people that drive through and share their great ideas with us. We hope that driving though the park, that we have created some family traditions and much happiness!

Many people express their appreciation for the park and bringing many visitors to Athens . Each year we try to add new scenes, new art, and new music in hopes that it bring out the child in all of us and helps everyone remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

We would like to invite you and your family to come drive though and experience the excitement of Christmas and the Holiday Season!